Opera & ballet
  • «Musica viva» will present Mozart’s opera of «Idomeneo»

    «Musica viva» will present Mozart’s opera of «Idomeneo»

    On December, 5th in the Moscow Tschaikovsky Concert hall within the limits of the philharmonic subscription «Opera masterpieces» the Moscow chamber orchestra and chorus «Musica Viva» under the direction of Alexander Rudin will present the concert version of an opera of Mozart of «Idomeneo». It already the fourth opera premiere «Musica Viva», after the past with stunning [...]

Symphony music
  • Simon Rattle and Berlin Philharmonic

    Simon Rattle and Berlin Philharmonic

    The Berlin Brahms Bombers victory tour came to a premature finish Tuesday night. The leader of the Berlin Philharmonic, Simon Rattle, received a hero’s excited welcome. The Second Symphony proved smashing, as had the first night from this inimitable orchestra’s two-evening visit to Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Chamber music
  • Chamber Music Festival Features Professional Performers

    Chamber Music Festival Features Professional Performers

    The Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival is entertaining audiences in Chittenden County, with most performances at the Elley-Long Music Center in Colchester’s Fort Ethan Allen. Other shows have taken place at the Firehouse Gallery on Church Street. The festival is new this year, and features concerts as well as classes for students. Soovin Kim started the [...]

Instrumental Music
  • Finnish Composer Bursts Some of Her Own Myths

    Finnish Composer Bursts Some of Her Own Myths

    One of the perils of conducting a public interview with a composer is that you are likely to have your deeply held beliefs about your interviewee’s work shrugged off. That happened to the composer George E. Lewis during his interview with Kaija Saariaho during a Composer Portraits concert at the Miller Theater on Sunday evening. Mr. [...]

Vocal art
  • Ekaterina Shcherbachenko – «I live with sensation something new»

    Ekaterina Shcherbachenko – «I live with sensation something new»

    Ekaterina Shcherbachenko, the winner of competition BBC Cardiff Singer of the World 2009 in Cardiff, has arrived to Moscow at 2 o’clock in the morning. And already early in the morning the call was distributed and we have agreed about interview time, this afternoon. Ekaterina knew that Classica.FM, has first informed on its victory, therefore with [...]

  • Ingo Metzmacher – I can’t believe it!

    Ingo Metzmacher – I can’t believe it!

    The well-known maestro, active propagandist of modern music, the one, who all Europe worships – Ingo Metzmacher has visited Moscow. Despite a number of possible difficulties – some heavy days, and, in addition, Friday 13, good luck has smiled to our magazine, and we managed to meet the adherent of modern music world and ask [...]

Editor's Column
  • Stuart Lawson: «Time-proven Pursuit of Excellence»

    The hero of today’s interview is like no other. First, he is not a musician but a banker. But obviously he is not an ordinary banker as we are not a business publication and write only about things related to classical music. Stuart Lawson is CEO of HSBC Russia. The bank has won praise for [...]

Dates of classical music

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