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  • Simon Rattle and Berlin Philharmonic

    Simon Rattle and Berlin Philharmonic

    The Berlin Brahms Bombers victory tour came to a premature finish Tuesday night. The leader of the Berlin Philharmonic, Simon Rattle, received a hero’s excited welcome. The Second Symphony proved smashing, as had the first night from this inimitable orchestra’s two-evening visit to Walt Disney Concert Hall.

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  • Ingo Metzmacher – I can’t believe it!

    Ingo Metzmacher – I can’t believe it!

    The well-known maestro, active propagandist of modern music, the one, who all Europe worships – Ingo Metzmacher has visited Moscow. Despite a number of possible difficulties – some heavy days, and, in addition, Friday 13, good luck has smiled to our magazine, and we managed to meet the adherent of modern music world and ask […]

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  • Stuart Lawson: «Time-proven Pursuit of Excellence»

    The hero of today’s interview is like no other. First, he is not a musician but a banker. But obviously he is not an ordinary banker as we are not a business publication and write only about things related to classical music. Stuart Lawson is CEO of HSBC Russia. The bank has won praise for […]

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Ekaterina Shcherbachenko – «I live with sensation something new»


Ekaterina Shcherbachenko, the winner of competition BBC Cardiff Singer of the World 2009 in Cardiff, has arrived to Moscow at 2 o’clock in the morning. And already early in the morning the call was distributed and we have agreed about interview time, this afternoon. Ekaterina ShcherbachenkoEkaterina knew that Classica.FM, has first informed on its victory, therefore with benevolence has concerned the request for the first interview to our edition. The meeting has taken place today, at 15.00, in Atriume of the Bolshoi Theatre. In it have taken part journalist Classica. FM Svetlana Kosyatova and editor-in-chief Eugene Boyko. Interview has turned to conversation, but already in the course of preparation of a material we have decided to change a format and have cleaned all questions, having left only Ekaterina Shcherbachenko’s speech. And here that she has told.

About competition …

Competition «BBC Cardiff Singer of the World-2009» the unique. Also has put at all that is the most prestigious competition the victory on which opens at once fascinating prospects before the singer, and that it is organized by fantastic people. For participants paradise on the earth in which we, participants, have steeped has been created, having forgotten all problems of “continent”. As it was fine to think only of singing and about what the friend! For them this competition – significant and very responsible event which takes place under the aegis of Bi-Bi-Si the Wales, alternate years. And they, of course, give all the best to the full extent. The competition organizing committee pays all: flight, hotel, daily allowances give, feed with breakfasts, everywhere carry by the car. Before a part with you professional stylists, visagistes, hairdressers work. You every minute feel care of. It so is pleasant … In spite of the fact that so much experiences are interfaced to competition, excitements … All is organized so that the singer could dismiss all superfluous and on listening to show the maximum result.

About that is necessary for a victory …

Very difficult to argue on a theme «that it is necessary to win». When I step on the stage, always mentally I tell “thanks” the come people, as though I cover, I embrace a hall … Sometimes strange things start to occur: it seems that your personal space as though is moved apart, and you cease to feel yourself as the small little man before a huge audience, and as though incorporate a hall, can reach everyone … When I sing, I try to reproduce not simply notes, and to open the heart, to live and endure that music which you execute. And it as it seems to me, finds the response in souls of people.

And generally, the victory is a crossing of set of circumstances in one point! It is thorough training, good luck, good state of health, an arrangement of stars in the sky … In a word, all should develop. And, as it seems to me, important to observe «a general line» destinies. If you on the place also do that should do the chance is given always.

About a victory at competition…

Always I live with sensation that there is something new. Constantly I pass any boundaries, stages of a course of life. Receipt in the Moscow conservatory – a boundary. Work at Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko theatre – too a boundary. The invitation in Bolshoi theatre troupe – one more, a new bend. And now this victory has brought sensation of that something starts to occur absolutely new … interesting offers … Tremendous feeling Arrive!

From this competition I expected not a victory, namely new offers. I wished to seem there simply that me have somehow estimated and have noticed. It is very good chance which is given to the singer who cannot be missed. I knew that all rounds pass under пристальнейшим attention of the most influential impresarios, therefore in any case it was very important to sing well on the first round. The most interesting that to me offers already after the first round when it was still absolutely not clear have started to arrive: I have passed in the ending or not. For the sake of it there it was necessary to go. And the victory at competition for me became a delightful surprise!

About career …

So has developed that I have late enough understood that I wish to be engaged in opera singing. Even when I arrived right after schools in the St.-Petersburg conservatory (in which then has not arrived) did it somehow by inertia. Then I was still absolutely “crude” as musicians speak. Certainly, the graduate of dirizhersko-choral branch had many incorrect skills for the vocalist and habits. When I have passed on the second round of examination in a speciality in Peter even it was proud of it … Already after, at the Ryazan institute of culture, I have met the teacher – Galinu Nikolaevnu Razutovu who has given me the permit in the vocal world. It has trained my into place a voice, has released from any clips, has forced to believe in the forces. And in the Moscow conservatory I пoехала to arrive already cовсем with other spirit. To learn here and to sing – was my devout desire.

I knew nobody in the Moscow vocal world. Has simply come on listening behind council: it costs or is not necessary to arrive? To me have told, it is necessary what to arrive. So I also have made. When in the Rahmaninovsky Hall in the beginning of September there was a first meeting new arrived, to us have told that we, maybe, still that without realizing, have sustained the main, defining competition in the life. And even now I think that they were right! The feeling of gratitude to teachers, especially my professor on a vocal to Marine Sergeevne Alekseevoy and the professor on scenic skill to Borisu Aleksandrovichu Persiyanovu, remains with me for ever. Between the teacher and the pupil very thin matters through which takes place the process named training lie.

If this contact is not established, everyone happens, – if they do not approach each other, as a rule, it turns out nothing. Especially sharply it is felt in vocal sphere. The big good luck when the teacher hears the nature of the pupil, achieves a natural manner of singing which is put in a concrete voice. I consider that in this plan to me have very much carried, and thanks the big my teachers.

About vocal schools …
I am not strong in reasoning’s on vocal schools. There is a certain standard of an opera sound. Each musician aspires to it, but a problem that all differently hear it … And the teacher just to direct the pupil to this standard. The more close the acoustical standard of the teacher to the best world samples, the better result. The present teacher possesses not simply good hearing, and good vocal hearing. Well, and certainly should know receptions how to achieve this standard.

What hold back mass-media …
All conversations that in Russia the vocal school is not present – are ridiculous. It is, and the Russian singers take the first places at the largest international competitions. For example, competition «Operalia» which spends Placido Domingo. It, by the way, in different years our mezzo-sopranos Elena Manistina won, a baritone Vassily Ladyuk, a soprano Ekaterina Lehina. But know about it only in narrow circles.

Moscow, the Bolshoi theatre, Atrium.
June, 17-th, 2009

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